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Obama Golf Around The World

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**As seen on ** - PadGadget * Republican Games for iPad - NY Times Best Seller Tom Woods blog (author of Meltdown) Fly all over the world golfing at the tax payers' expense in this brand new HD 3D game developed for the Play Store!
*Golf at 18 full holes all over the world at 6 of the most exotic destinations fit only for the likes of Emperors and Kings. Play 3 holes in each of the lands; golf the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, then make your way to the Australian Outback. Next are ancient sites in China, followed by a stop at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. Finally travel to the United Kingdom for some of the most revered golf holes in the world. Finally return home to Washington D.C. to some well-known sites.
*Gorgeous 3D HD Retina Graphics with high resolution models and animations, and pixel shaders. Designed using the amazing Unity 3D Engine, pushing mobile graphics to the limit using state-of-the-art technology.
*Controls so intuitive, you will feel right at home whether you are a golf pro, or even if you have never played a game of golf in your life. Simply aim and swing; 'iClub' implementation automatically adjusts the angle and default force to realistic golf club values. Even Biden could figure these controls out.